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How to Earn Money on Facebook ($500 Every Day)

How to earn money on Facebook $500 every day could be your way out of a boring career or your answer to making quick easy cash

The majority of Facebookers spend hours on the platform socializing, but the savvy ones, which I believe you are, focus on monetizing their accounts. From a campus communication tool, the platform has evolved into a global phenomenon with over 2.8 billion users.

Such a huge following provides a ready market for your ideas, products, and services. Further, Facebook gives you access to other related services such as WhatsApp and Instagram where you can get more leads for your venture.

So, where do you start? This post introduces you to different Facebook monetization streams and the guiding policies. In particular, we shall look at how to make money through Facebook links, videos, ads, pages, and likes.

Here we go…

 How to Earn Money on Facebook ($500 Every Day)

1. Earn Money By Sharing Links on Facebook 

With so many people on social media, it makes sense that Facebook is a prime frontier for getting the word out. All it takes is finding a service or company in need of advertisement services and enrolling in their referral program.

How this works is that you earn a bonus by sharing links. Known as a referral program, this is one of the easiest ways of getting paid on Facebook. You are provided with a user-specific link that you can include in your posts.

Once your friends or followers click and engage with the link, you get paid. Engagement can take many forms including signing up for a service or buying a product.

The best part is that to earn money by sharing links on Facebook costs you nothing and with the right crowd, links are easy to market. Why? Usually, most companies with referral programs are already known to people.

A popular program for getting referral links is Swagbucks, a paid rewards platform. As a referrer, every person who uses your link to join makes you 10% of their earnings for a lifetime! 

Other referral links worth sharing in your Facebook content include:

  • Ibotta – Earn $10 from each referral and claim $20 as a new member. You can also make 30% of what your friend earns.
  • Qmee – $1 per referral and $3 when you join.
  • MyPoints – 25 points per referral plus a $10 joining bonus. Additionally, you get 750 points when your friend makes a $20 purchase within 30 days of signing up, plus 10% of their points.

2. How to Make Money from Facebook Videos

Are you camera-friendly and wondering how to make money from Facebook videos? For starters, to make money on social media, you need to have a huge following. 

With the ease of live video streaming nowadays, Facebook videos are becoming common. People tune in to watch everything from comedy skits to how to cook videos. 

Spend the time you are on live to advertise services or show viewers how to use your products. Facebook live videos can also serve as an open Q&A session for your followers. 

Another great idea is to post video snippets to introduce longer subscription-only content on YouTube.

3. How to Make Money From Facebook Ads

Ever thought of running ads for yourself or for a third party and getting paid in the process?

If you are running a business, say a home-based bookkeeping service, you can advertise on Facebook, Google, or Bing and attract leads, whom you can convert to money-paying clients. In case, you don’t know anything about social media, pay an expert in your field to handle all things Facebook for your business — whether they’re a graphic designer who specializes in Facebook ads, an SEO specialist who understands how to market your business on Facebook, or a social media manager who can generate interest in your future ad campaigns, there’s always a high ROI.

And if you are someone who has a large audience on Facebook or Instagram, say 10000 people, for example, you can charge others to place ads on your page or group. 

Finally, if you are a Facebook expert, you can run ad campaigns for companies or small businesses and charge a fee for your services. This can be especially profitable if you’re running ad campaigns on behalf of several businesses and they can agree to split the costs and profits.

It could also work well as a side business idea because you may not necessarily need an inventory or products — perhaps you’ll just need to market online ads for other companies and charge a fee for the number of ads you can run, based on your agreed pay rate.

You can find jobs as an ad campaign manager on Upwork and other freelancing sites like Flexjobs and CareerBuilder, or maybe try your hand at starting your own small business as a social media consultant. The bottom line here: You’ll definitely need some experience under your belt and a portfolio of successful ad campaigns before you can really begin to earn a solid income.

4. How to Make Money on Facebook Pages

Another way how to earn money on Facebook $500 every day is by creating a free Facebook Page for your business. What’s more, any kind of hustle or site can be monetized through the platform.

As the page owner, you make money from in-stream ads. To be considered for revenue sharing, your viewer has to watch the whole ad before they finish watching a video. Also, for your videos to contain ads from companies, your page must have at least 10k followers.   

Apart from in-stream ads, you can also use Pages to boost your posts for a small fee. This ensures that your content is actively advertised by getting top spots on different feeds.

Call to action (CTA) is another feature that comes with Pages. It allows people to engage with your business directly. Depending on your business, you can incorporate different types of CTAs on your Page.

There are different categories of CTAs including Book, Contact, Download, Learn, and Shop. Accordingly, followers can schedule appointments, get in touch, download content or apps, find more information, and buy from your e-commerce store.

For more on how to monetize your Facebook Page, you can create custom Call-to-Action ads that promote your business best. Lastly, you can make use of your skills as a social media manager and run high-traffic pages on behalf of clients.       

5. How to Make Money with Facebook Likes

For starters, Facebook likes are great magnets for prospective partners. However, making money using your Facebook account likes takes time and patience. The reason being, you will need to grow your Facebook audience in order to have enough shares, comments, and likes that can help you to successfully monetize your account.

If you are having more shares, comments, and likes for the content you put on your Facebook account, it means that you already have a good audience to share links, videos, products, services, and ads with, as explained in the above methods on how to make money on Facebook.

This method eventually pays off long-term and the amount you can make is limitless.

On the other hand, there’s another strategy on how to make money on Facebook likes that has nothing to do with the number of likes you have on your Facebook account. 

Before I even start, I’ll have to say that this is not a method I would recommend and Facebook doesn’t support it either. Nevertheless, since it is being done anyway, it’s worth mentioning. 

It involves rounding up Facebookers to like, share, or comment on a client’s page to grow their audience. Most sellers advertise on Fiverr. Because of the need to deliver the number of likes, sometimes ‘likes’ sellers resort to using bots and fake Facebook profiles. 

This goes against Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy which requires engagement with an authentic audience and can lead to the banning of your account by Facebook.  

That said, growing an organic audience is not only legal but also a great way to make money on all the likes your content is receiving for the long haul. 

6. How to Make Money Selling Stuff on Facebook

a) Method #1

Looking to make $100 a day using Facebook? Create a niche-specific Fb page or group, invite your friends and family and start selling your products!

You could sell anything from affiliate products, physical products to local services. However, the easiest way to make money on Facebook is by using it as your traffic source for other sites like ClickBank and Commission Junction – where you can sell digital goods. With this method, all you need to do is create a website that offers some kind of digital product (eBook, software, membership, etc.) and you will start generating sales for your product.

All it takes is a couple of hours to set up the website itself, get it Google-friendly, and add Facebook commenting system. When everything is ready, create pages or groups on Facebook for your main product (eBook, software, etc.), its bonuses/upsells, and your affiliate offers.

Now you need to create a nice-looking welcome page (offer) using the traffic source where you will offer your product for free in exchange for an email address (also known as “squeeze page”). Once someone signs up, send them to the sales page of the main product either via Facebook messages or through an email welcome series.

b) Method #2

Facebook Live is a great way to attract lots of audience to almost any product and get instant sales. Above all, it is a fun, simple, and quick method to gain exposure for FREE!

Anyone can stream live video on Facebook without any special knowledge of streaming or video editing. There is no need for a dedicated camera to stream your video on Facebook Live.

c) Method #3

The other way to sell stuff on Facebook is to join groups on the Facebook Marketplace and advertise your items for quick cash. Start by selling stuff such as crafts, plush toys, mobile phones, vehicles, and old furniture.

It goes without saying that online marketplaces can make you an easy mark to scammers. To avoid becoming a victim, conduct your business with legit buyers. A simple way of weeding out fake users is by scrutinizing Facebook profiles.

Beware of potential buyers with accounts bearing no profile photos. People who buy on Facebook also happen to be active users. As such, a profile without recent posts or activity whatsoever could be a pseudo account created to scam people.

It also helps to keep off “buyers” who seem to be more interested in you personally, rather than what you are selling.

In addition to adhering to the monetization policies outlined below, avoid trying prohibited items. Such include:

  • Guns
  • Adult (explicit) content
  • Animals
  • Drugs 
  • Tobacco and alcohol

Learn how to find hot-selling items on Facebook Marketplace

7. Other Ways to Earn on Facebook

Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has been a trendsetter in matters online. This has enabled the platform to come up with new ways for users to make money through smartphones and PCs. Besides the methods discussed above, you can also benefit from:

  • Facebook “Jobs” tab

Vacancies are advertised for both local and international industries. These are full-time as well as part-time positions categorized for ease of navigation. You also get the remuneration package and job requirements with most job posts.

  • Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the answer to traditional fundraising efforts, with monies being collected remotely into one online wallet. For your followers, both known and unknown, to help out your cause needs to be worthy and relatable. Such causes include emergency, health, education, and natural crisis.

  • Buy Facebook Shares

Stock trading is an easy way to flip money, provided that you know how the stock market works. If not, have your broker advise you on when to buy and sell FB shares at a profit. This is because the company’s shares fluctuate constantly and without a good trading strategy, you may end up losing money. 

  • Offers and Contest

“The 10th caller gets a prize”, remember that? The same kind of contests run on Facebook with users fighting to have their comments get noticed. You could also earn through gift cards and free merchandise from the contest or sale sponsors.

Facebook Monetization Requirements for 2024

Facebook Monetization requirements 2024 entail compliance with certain policies. These policies revolve around 3 sets of rules: 

Community Standards

The standards are put in place to protect the Facebook community from content, both monetized and non-monetized, that expresses graphic violence, nudity, and hate speech.

While Facebook allows freedom of expression, this freedom can be limited to serve content authenticity and the safety, privacy, and dignity of Facebook users.

In certain cases, the platform can allow content that may not meet the community standards if it is of significant public interest and is key in creating public awareness. A good example is graphic content on war or its impact.

Learn more about Facebook community Standards

Partner Monetization Policies

These policies govern the content on Facebook pages, events, and groups. They require compliance before publishers, creators, and third-party providers can put monetization tools into use. They comprise:

  • Putting content on the eligible surface
  • Residence in an eligible country
  • Adherence to community standards
  • Passing restrictions on content and content formats
  • Observing content authenticity and originality
  • Monetization of authentic audience engagement only
  • Compliance with Facebook’s rules on payment terms
  • Adherence to Page, Group, and event-specific terms
  • Developing an authentic established presence
  • Observing rules on the monetization of political and government entities
  • Ensuring connections to entities that comply with Facebook policies

 Delve deeper into Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy for more details

Content Monetization Policies

This set of rules refers to guidelines that make certain content eligible for certain monetization products. The first steps include compliance with community standards and partner monetization policies. 

Further, there are specific guidelines on restriction or prohibition of certain content formats, behaviors, and categories including:

Restricted Categories

  • Controversial social issues such as race, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Tragedy or conflict including death, sexual abuse, mental disabilities, and illness
  • Offensive activities like threats, corruption, fraud, and trafficking
  • Sexually suggestive activities such as suggestive language, suggestive movements, and nudity
  • Derogatory language including vulgar motions, slurs, and profanity
  • Explicit and blunt material such as medical procedures, infections, and bodily functions

Prohibited Formats

These include static videos, looping videos, text montages, static image polls, slideshow images, and embedded ads.

Prohibited Behaviors

These include the creation of engagement baits, content that displays extreme or weird behavior for compensation, and content that encourages cheating or unfair advantage.

Prohibited categories

These include false information and unverified medical information. 

You can check out Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies to get the finest details.

The Bottomline

Facebook is an easy-to-use platform with over a third of the world’s population at your disposal. This makes for a ready market for almost everything that can be sold within the platform’s buying and selling guidelines.

That said, making money on Facebook requires you to amass a huge following. This involves creating a profile and posting content that resonates with your target market.

It also helps to create a Facebook Page that you can use to run your business, link people to your other social media platforms, and run ads there.

How are you using Facebook to make money? Let’s hear your strategies below.

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