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Feetify Review {Sept 2021}: Is Feetify Safe & Legit?

If you’re looking for Feetify Review, this is the site to visit. Do you have pretty feet or are looking for pretty feet? This post introduces you to Feetify, the main site for feet lovers and buyers. Whether you are in it for the fetish or for that unique magazine foot photo, this is the site for you.  

The platform is amongst the most active foot sites and appears on the 1st page of most search engines. So, if you’re searching for “feet pics”, “buy feet pictures”, or any other related terms, you are bound to land on Feetify.  

Be ready to connect with well over 172,000 fellow foot lovers and learn how they make money from just one body part. To get you on the right path, this post looks into the safety of the trade, who can sell feet pics, how to sell, and how much you can make on Feetify in 2021.

What is Feetify?

feetify review is a 100% legit website where you can buy and sell pictures and videos of feet. It’s also a platform for feet lovers, both men, and women, to meet and chat about feet. Signing up is free and feet models can make up to $100 by selling feet photos to individuals and agencies.

Notably, as an active member, the site also pays you even when you don’t get to make any sales. To share in the awards though, you need a Premium membership account that costs sellers $49 for 6 months. With the service, you can make up to $100 per month without selling a single photo or video.

Interested? Here are the rules that govern the sellers in this feet content social platform and marketplace.

Rules for Selling on Feetify

Now, to ensure that your Feetify account is above board and makes you good money, here are some rules you should follow:

  • Ensure that you are 18 years or older before you create a Feetify account.
  • Only post your own pics and videos, as opposed to images downloaded from the internet.
  • Ensure your content is of high quality. Avoid blurred pictures or images with overdone watermarks.
  • Do not post content from minors.
  • Keep your personal and payment details private.
  • Never post repulsive photos or videos to avoid getting banned from Feetify.

Is Feetify Safe?

Feetify claims to be 100% safe. It has an excellent rating of 4.7 stars out of the possible 5 stars on Trustpilot with over 100 reviews. And as we mentioned earlier it has over 172,000 active users.

While there are many other places to sell foot pictures online, one of the very best and most active platforms is Feetify. It has additional feature tools and other benefits than most photo-selling sites.

For example, Feetify guarantees that you get 100% of the price you negotiate with your buyer. And to avoid being scammed or tricked, you get to specify your preferred mode of payment from the likes of Venmo, PayPal, direct deposits, and Cash App.

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How Does Feetify Pay You?

what is feetify? Feetify review

Source: Feetify

Can you make good money on Feetify?

Unlike other sites that dish out digital awards or mere badges that you can’t do so much with, Feetify offers foot models the chance to share in a $1,000 to $10,000 cash award every month.

There are also cash awards for being active and posting quality pictures or videos on the site. These are rewards that don’t take into account any monies you make from selling your feet pics to buyers worldwide.

That said, not everyone is eligible for these cash rewards, only premium models are. And for these models to make it big, they need to be engaging and run professional profiles. However, Feetify says that this may change at a later date, with non-premium members getting rewards, but as for now, only paying members are eligible.

 Click here to upgrade your Feetify membership.

How to increase your winning chances

  • Follow Feetify rules and regulations
  • Recommend Feetify to others.
  • Be kind and polite in your communication when using the platform especially with potential foot lovers and buyers.
  • Be active as often as you can, even if it means posting daily.
  • Always post quality pictures and videos.

As a premium seller, you get added benefits in that Feetify populates your profile with more details as opposed to free Feetify account members.

For example, your profile page displays your age, country, and a little bit about you under your profile picture. All these are measures to help increase the odds of potential buyers clicking on your profile to connect, contact, and purchase your content.

How Much is Feetify Premium?

Are you looking to join or you haven’t yet upgraded to be a premium seller? There are hundreds of potential buyers joining Feetify on a daily basis and as a premium seller, you’ll be able to see and connect with them directly.

It costs you $49 to upgrade to a Feetify Premium account for 6 months with the possibility of a 6-month free extension.

What I like about the upgrade is that it also gets you access to an ebook on how to make it selling feet pictures. The resource guides you on other best sites for selling all sorts of pictures and videos. 

Also, as a premium seller, you’ll be eligible for Feetify’s monthly CA$H AWARD$, as long as you stay as an active seller.

How to Upgrade to Premium

To make sure that its members get the most out of the site and learn more ways about buying and selling feet pics, Feetify has partnered with the popular personal finance website

So, for a premium account, you buy the ebook for $49USD from Afterward, you are given access to premium Feetify for 6 months as a bonus. This bonus can be extended to 12 months if you are active and you post regularly.

However, this will not guarantee instant premium access instead, it may take 12 to 24 hours. So it’s best to practice patience here!

Most importantly, make sure to use your active and correct email address when making payment since Feetify will reach you via your email.

Is Feetify Premium Worth It?

Unlike other platforms where you get no more than 80% from sales you make, Feetify premium sellers keep 100% of their sales. Even more, the site pays for posting quality feet pics even when no buyer comes calling. It’s also worth noting that you get unlimited exposure on the Feetify live feed page where everyone can see your content.

Other benefits of a Feetify Premium account include;

  • Posting an unlimited number of videos.
  • All buyers can view your content.
  • You can receive messages and reply to any buyer.
  • You can have “featured” feet pics on a rotating basis on your home page.
  • Your feet pics can be featured on Feetify ads- increased exposure.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Feetify?

The following are the steps to follow in order to sell feet pictures fast on Feetify:

1. Register on Feetify 

Visit Feetify and click on ‘Register’ to sign up at no cost. You will be required to fill in a few details such as username, email address, gender, feet size, and confirm whether you are at least 18 years old. 

Upon completion, check your inbox for a confirmation link. And in case you don’t receive get the email in your primary inbox folder, check your spam folder.

The last step is to click on the link and confirm your account by submitting your username and password. 

2. Upload your feet pics

The trick is to post high-quality pictures in order to attract traffic to your account. Companies that deal with foot products are always looking for pics to use on their websites, social media, advertisement banners, and product labels.

So it’s best to post quality picture’s to stay ahead of your competitors and attract lucrative deals. To excel, try and customize your photos to build up your brand. 

3. Get paid for your pictures

If you are able to attract interested buyers then you can connect, agree on a price, and get paid. On this platform, you earn every cent that a buyer pays for your feet pics. Occasionally, Feetify may award you with cash prizes ranging from $10 to $100 every month for your outstanding gallery.

Feet Pictures Sold on Feetify 

As a seller, you can post a variety of pictures depending on your preferences. You may choose to post a complete leg or only show the feet. It’s best to have different variations to give buyers options.

More so, you can opt to sell your feet pics in shoes and accessories or just bare feet. Additionally, some foot pictures sell well when posted along with video snippets of your full body.

The most important thing is how you present your feet to potential buyers. It’s also worth noting that there is nothing like “ugly” feet; there are buyers with all kinds of fetishes and a picture of your unkempt toenails could be worth $100. Just snap, post, and watch your account grow.

Who Can Sell Feet Pictures on Feetify?

As long as you have feet pictures and you are an adult (18+ years old), Feetify is ready to launch your online model career. Common sellers nowadays are:

  • Feet fetishists who want to connect with other foot lovers and make money while at it.
  • Persons with breathtaking feet who want to share their pictures for others to see or to supplement their earnings by selling to different people and across various platforms.
  • Photographers who have feet pictures in their portfolio looking to make quick cash. 
  • Individuals who want to sell pictures as a passive income gig.
  • Work from home freelancers looking for zero investments money-making opportunities.

The list is of possible sellers is endless and just like any other gig, competition is high. So, take time to craft a winning portfolio full of personalized photos and videos. Also, be ready to meet clients’ demands with killer poses and exquisite backgrounds.

Feetify Seller Reviews

Before you start taking feet selfies to sell, it helps to investigate what current sellers have to say about the trade. To this end, here are some reviews on Feetify from Trustpilot.

According to this User [Baby], she’s had a great experience with the site.

Feetify Reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

Baby notes that her experience on Feetify to date has been really great and easy. She adds that the site is self-explanatory and allows her to access all that they need instantly. She goes on to say that her first payment is on the way.

She points out two main reasons as to why she loves Feetify so much is that the sites gave her the opportunity to create new friendships and meet their desires.

 Lastly, she advises that Feetify is 100% legit and concludes that she will continue using the site regularly.

Nikki, another reviewer on Trustpilot, begins by pointing out that she loves Feetifty so much and that it is the best website to sell your feet pictures. She continues adding that “They have made it easy for sellers to get into contact with buyers and for buyers to easily contact sellers.” 

She also adds that payment notifications are received very fast. She also had something positive to say about Feetify customer services to the effect that they are quick to respond to emails.

Feetify Seller Reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

And in this recent review, Angelina discusses her first impression on how Feetify was extraordinarily easy to use. She concurs that the platform itself is very clean and organized. In her own words, “I really love how you (are) able to connect with buyers and sellers and to post content of either your preferences or what you have to offer.” 

She continues that she finds Feetify’s payment method perfect. The main reason being that the platform is very secure and is always keen to make sure sellers are not scammed. She concludes that the fact that you can post your feet pics anonymously is a big thumbs up for the site.

Why Feetify is the Best for Selling Feet Pictures?

Below are some of the main reasons why Feetify is the best place to make money if you are interested in selling foot pictures. 

1. Feetify is free to join

Feetify is completely free to join. This means that you don’t pay any amount to create a Feetify profile or account. Plus the joining process only takes a few minutes to complete. In addition, the site features are very clear and well displayed making it easy to use and navigate.

2. Feetify has many users

At the time of writing this review of Feetify, the site had over 172,000 active members, of which 5k+ are featured sellers. Even though more members means more competition, it also means that there is a big number of potential customers and community to engage with.

3. Feetify has a Featured page for Premium sellers 

Beyond just the monthly award that you may receive as a premium seller for being active, you can get more airtime on Feetify homepage at no extra cost.

Furthermore, on this featured page, you can get actual foot buyers to connect with you and pay you for customized pictures and videos and also give you cash prizes directly.

4. Sellers can upgrade to a Premium Membership

As discussed above, as a premium member you are eligible for a lot of benefits than a normal Feetify seller. With that said, the site offers an opportunity for classic sellers to upgrade to a premium membership to earn smoothly. The upgrade costs just $49 for 6 months that can be extended to a total of 12 months if you are active and you post quality pictures. 

5. The most active Sellers get paid by Feetify

In case you are afraid of clicking the registration button in fear of not selling your awesome feet pics, worry not; if no buyer makes you money, Feetify will. Feetify gives you cash awards for just being active.

As the company states that, “Each cash reward per model starts at $10, $20, $50, and even $100+ per model, depending on the quality of your participation and uploads each month.”


How Much Can You Earn from Selling Feet pictures on Feetify?

You can start selling pictures on Feetify starting from as low as $5 and increase your rates as your client list grows. It’s best to keep your price relative to the base prices on other websites that sell feet pics. Nevertheless, the price can vary from picture to picture due to the following factors:

  • The quality of your feet picture.
  • Price set by the seller.
  • The demand for your pics.
  • The platform on which the picture is listed.
  • The commission you get from the seller platform- for Feetify, this is 100%!

Is Feetify Free? 

Yes, it’s not only free to join either as a model or buyer but the site is also completely free to post pictures and videos. As mentioned above, you can also enroll in the premium membership which has added features to put you in a prime position to make money. For example, you can post an unlimited number of pictures and videos with a premium account. The best part is that you can join Feetify anonymously.

Feetify Alternatives

Selling pictures is a hustle that can be very lucrative. To make good money though, you need to advertise your works on different platforms. So, other than Feetify, where else can you sell your feet pics legitimately? Here are my suggestions:

1. Instafeet

Feetify alternatives

Source: Instafeet

On Instafeet, you can sell a single pic for anything between $5 and $100. This is a subscription-only site, with buyers paying to access your photos. This means that one picture at a subscription fee of $100 can make you $200 from just two buyers.

Nevertheless, the platform charges you a fee of 10% off the price of your content. Instafeet reports that top earners on the site make $500 per day.

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2. OnlyFans

Onlyfans as Feetify alternative

Source: OnlyFans

This is another exclusive site for pics and videos enthusiasts. Fans subscribe to your account for between $4.49 and $49.99 per month. You have to keep on posting quality pics of your feet to attract high-paying clientele. Here, creators include celebs, housewives, and adult entertainers. For the service, OnlyFans charges you 20% off every sale you make.

Feetify Pros and Cons

Let’s check out the pros and cons of this website…

  • Free to join
  • Available globally
  • Cash awards for active members
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Large community of buyers.
  • Easy to connect and chat with sellers or buyers as “friends”.
  • Allows anonymity.
  • You choose your own payment method.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Responsive customer service.
  • Subscription for sellers
  • Stiff competition
  • Inconsistent income
  • No "About Us" page and "Contact" details on the website

Is Feetify Legit?

Just as I said at the beginning, Feetify is a truly LEGIT site and NO SCAM!

As you can see from this comprehensive Feetify review, this is the go-to site for feet pics online buyers and sellers. Membership is free but an upgrade at $49 for a minimum of 6 months ensures that you get access to buyers who can give you long-term feet modeling jobs.

Further, this is a legit feet pic selling platform with 172k+ female and male users worldwide. Their payments are fast and you get to set your prices and your payment mode.

Most importantly, unlike the alternatives discussed above, Feetify lets you keep every single cent from your sales. Yes, they don’t charge any commissions and you can actually get paid for just being an active Feetify member. 

Is selling feet pictures your kind of gig? Where do you get your buyers? Comment with your best tips.

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