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How to Get Free Google Play Credit Codes? (Legally!)

Free Google Play Credit Codes are a good way to get something extra from your Android device.

If you are an avid smartphone user, you definitely must be familiar with Google Play Store, the main marketplace for Android apps. Most of the time though, you are limited on the types of apps and games due to a lack of enough credit to pay for premium services.

It’s, however, possible to get free Google Play credits 2024 by using your device just as you normally do.

What you do with this digital currency is up to you, including donating to charities or buying a pizza. As such, these credits do serve a practical purpose, making them an easy target for online scams.

To put you in the know-how, this post covers some of the best ways to earn Google credits legally and for free.

Read on to learn these simple yet amazing ways of getting free stuff online.

How to Get Free Google Play Credits?

How to Get Free Google Play Credits?

Well, to begin with, there are many online sources where you can get your hands on free Google Play credit codes. I’m talking about taking part in online activities without the need to use any cash or credit cards.

So to purchase on Google Play Store for free, you can choose to play games, take surveys, use certain apps, shop in stores and online, and so on.

Ready to land a free Google Play redeem codes giveaway? This is what you need to do:

Make Google Play Points Playing Games

Are you ready to spend your hard earned-dollar on apps or games on Google Play Store? I’d wager if you don’t.

And, do you know you could get free google play credits by playing games? Now that you know, here are some game apps that pay well.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks for free Google Play Credits


Did you know that you can get free $5 Google Play credit for just signing up on an app? Yes, welcome to Swagbucks!

This is a reward and loyalty program where you get to earn redeemable points by taking surveys.

You can also play games, test products, watch videos, use digital coupons, and try free samples for additional rewards. Swagbucks membership is free to join and use, and signing in via your Facebook account is allowed.

The highest Swagbucks earners can make up to $100 or more monthly with mega earners making well over $1,000 in a year.

However, you must put in a decent amount of your time. The trick is to try and take as many surveys as possible, regardless of the payout threshold.

Swagbucks reward points are known as SB where 100SB is equivalent to $1. Some activities can pay up to 4000SB, that’s $40 easy!

In addition, Swagbucks has a low minimum cash-out amount starting at $5. Even more, SB points can be redeemed for Visa Gift cards or cash via PayPal. Typically, it takes 10 days for you to get your reward.

Claim Your $10 Swagbucks Sign Up Bonus here

2. MistPlay

Mistplay app

Mistplay is an Android app that lets you earn gift cards for playing games.

Since 2016, MistPlay has been downloaded over 10 million times. You can also be part of this success by downloading the app from the Google Play Store directly. It’s only designed for the Android Operating system.

You must be above 18 years to download and play via MistPlay.

After installation, where you provide some basic information about yourself, the app automatically recommends a game that you are most likely to enjoy. It also allows you to jump from game to game.

Interesting fact: 56% of Mistplayer users are women.

MistPlay lets you earn three types of rewards namely Units, Game Experience Points [GXP], and Player Experience Points [PXP]. Apart from playing games, you can also earn points through the MistPlay referral program.

There are also bonuses after completing a certain number of games within a set number of days, back to back. Check out our Mistplay review for insider tips and money-making ideas.

You also earn points for following MistPlay on social media. Expect to earn a few dollars as a beginner, with top earners on MistPlay netting anywhere from $30 to $40 per month.

Play on MistPlay and Redeem Rewards on Google Play

3. Bananatic

The internet offers many games platforms like Bananatic but the big difference is that here you really get paid. So do you enjoy playing games? From Crazy Bird 2 to Jump to Bounce and Cookie Crush, this is the platform to keep you occupied.

Here, you collect points in the form of ‘bananas’ which you can use as a virtual currency to buy stuff online, including Google Play Credits.

Since their launch, they have already registered 4,088,162 users, with games such as solitaire getting huge searches.

Some other activities that get you rewards include watching sponsor ads, shopping online, testing mobile apps, social media sharing, etc.

Bananatic reward points can be redeemed for gift cards, video game rewards, and Steam Wallet credits. You can also follow them on Facebook and win prizes in special contests!

Invest your time in playing games and winning prizes. Join Bananatic Today!

4. Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel Google Play Gift Card

With Prize Rebel, there are big-name brands where you win free gift card rewards. These include Walmart, Nike, and Xbox.

To collect redeemable points, play games, and answer research questions, signup here for a free membership.

However, if you are from Canada, the United States, The UK, or Australia it means you get the best opportunities. Prize Rebel pay through PayPal or other means including points for Google Play cards.

You can also make money by performing microtasks. However, before choosing your prerendered tasks, consider your skill, how much time you can commit to a single task, and the amount to be paid.

Prize Rebel also offers promo codes that you can redeem for bonus points and even more points for referring friends.

Register for Prize Rebel Rewards here

Make Google Play Credits through Passive Income Apps

As the name suggests ‘passive income apps’ don’t require much input in terms of time.

That said, be ready to share some of your personal info like age and email for registration purposes. While you may choose to remain anonymous, some apps collect your data legally.

Typically, with passive apps, you are rewarded with activities that are commonplace.

Some of these activities may include watching video clips, listening to music, unlocking your phone, and walking.

That’s a fun way to earn money online, right? The best part is that you can earn points that can be redeemed for Google Play credits. 

Let’s check the leading passive income apps:

5. MobileXpression

MobileXpression app is a market research panel that records and collects information about mobile data via an app or a VPN connection.

To put things clearly, MobileXpressions neither monitor your phone calls nor your private text or voice mail messages at all.

However, they collect basic information while you sign in like gender, education level, and age. This info makes it possible to develop services and products tailored to people’s preferences.

As part of the privacy agreements, none of your personal information is revealed or shared without your consent.

MobileXpressions rewards you with points and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. You can get Amazon Gift Cards and Google Play Cards with your points.

This market research panel also offers optional surveys that members can participate in and earn. Install MobileXpressions to Get Paid Every Single Week!

Related Read: 12 Alternatives to MobileXpression

6. Viggle

Do you like watching movies or listening to music? If so you are in the right place. Viggle rewards you for such everyday routines including watching TV shows. This is an entertainment and rewards company that rewards users for engaging with different forms of entertainment.

This is a nice opportunity to earn in your free time if you are a college student or a stay-at-home mom.

If you want to give it a try either as an individual or company, you can access the platform on the Viggle app,,, and NextGuide.

Additionally, Viggle dabbles in the emerging cryptocurrency space. Their payout options include PayPal cash, Google Play Credits, and other prizes.

How to Earn Google Play Credits for Free?

Are you here for the secrets of how to earn free Google Play cards? Look no further!

There are lots of online paid surveys sites that pay points which you can exchange for Google Play cards and real cash.

Do you like sharing your opinions about services and products? You can earn from just giving your opinions to surveys online from the comfort of your house.

Most of these surveys only take a few minutes to answer. However, the number of surveys and the duration you take to answer determines how much you earn.

These online survey sites require an honest opinion so as to help shape the world into a better place. You never know, but you might find yourself taking part in surveys about your go-to brands-making the experience more interesting.

Interested? Here is where to earn Google Play points by taking surveys effortlessly:

7. Branded Surveys

Earn Google Play gift cards with Branded Surveys

Source: Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys offer an opportunity to answer online surveys in exchange for rewards including cash and gift cards.

To earn, create an account, then answer a few questions about yourself and their Survey Matching Engine will match you with surveys that are a good fit.

What I like most about the platform is that you’ll be shown how many points you’ll earn before you start.

You can also earn by taking part in challenges, daily polls, service offers, referrals, and social media.

When you advance in the loyalty program you earn yourself even more points. 500 points are equivalent to a free $5 Google Play credit. You can redeem the points in any store of your choice.

Branded survey points can be redeemed via PayPal or Branded Pay [United States residents only] or other places like Airbnb and Old Navy.

How much you make depends on how many surveys you answer and also the amount of time you take. If you’re feeling charitable, there are non-profit donations for taking surveys.

Branded surveys payout takes up to 2 business days only. Earning from answering questions or giving opinions is not only easy but also fun to take part in!

Claim your 100 Points Welcome Bonus from Branded Surveys

8. Google Opinion Rewards

As the name suggests, here you earn by giving your opinions pertaining to Google services. Right at the beginning, you will be sent a Google survey to complete as part of the signup process.

Thereafter, you’ll get up to $10 per survey completed. The amount you earn wholly depends on the number of surveys you take.

Note that answering questions in a biased way is discouraged for better data collection and analysis. Also, users only engage with surveys sent to them individually with 24 hours to submit answers.

Each time you earn at least $2, Google Opinion Rewards will send over your payment via PayPal. However, payments might take a few days to reflect.

You must be honest while answering Google Opinion Rewards so as to receive more surveys, which means more earnings for you.

Register to Earn With Googe Opinion Rewards

9. Harris Poll Online

Have your say in online research that Harris Poll carries out and get paid in digital currency. You can also participate in other activities such as teen surveys, mobile surveys, and in-person focus groups to earn.

This panel rewards you HIpoints in exchange for your participation. 

Their online surveys take anywhere between 5 – 25 minutes to complete. You can expect to participate in 3-5 surveys in a month as a newbie on Harris Polls Online.

Occasionally, the surveys you participate in may be published in the national or international media.

When your HIpoints add up to 1250, which is equivalent to $10, you become eligible for e-gift card vouchers from popular brands like ESPN, Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Google Play, and more.

Additionally, Harris Polls gives its members an opportunity to win $10,000 USD every quarter by participating in Sweepstakes.

Can you get disqualified on Harris Poll Online?

Yes, you can be removed from a study that you had initially been invited to partake in, but you still get compensated with 15 points for that particular survey. Also, exclusion from surveys does not get your entry dropped from the sweepstakes.

Further, you’ll be given another chance of qualifying in a different survey.

Contact Harris Poll to Become a Panelist

10. Life Points

If you want to have your voice heard and earn Google Play Credit, here is your answer.

With Life Points, as they say on their site, earning is as easy as 1, 2, or 3. They boast to have paid $22 million to their members in the past year alone.

On top of that, the platform has members from over 40 countries who share their opinion and which helps shape brands’ opinions for the better.

The best part is that Life Points offers an opportunity to answer surveys from mainstream companies and make real money. Besides, you can take as many surveys as possible in a single day. And most of their questionnaires take, at most, 15 minutes to complete.

Once you rack up points, you can redeem them not just for PayPal cash but also for Google Play credits.

You earn virtual points known as LPs that can be redeemed for PayPal, e-gift cards, and much more. You also get to earn LPs just by signing in.

There is also a contest you can participate in. However, we don’t advise you to quit your day job and make Life Points your new job.

Join Life Points and Get 10 Points free!

Earn Google Play Credits for Free by Shopping Online

In today’s world online shopping has become the new normal. So, even in your pajamas, you can still earn Google Play credits.

Read on to learn how to go about your daily shopping routine and earn points to help you shop on Play Store.

Beware though of shopping sites that offer free Google Play gift card codes 2024 for an empty shopping cart- if the deal is too good, think twice!

11. InstaGC

If you consider yourself somewhat a jack of all trades, consider Instant Gift Cards, also known as InstaGC.

On this platform, you earn points for things you already do. Such activities include searching the web, watching videos, completing surveys…name them.

InstaGC is easy to join and at the same time, it’s free. For starters, you get 10 bonus points after signing up and an additional 110 points when you refer someone.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an InstaGC mobile app. However, their website is mobile-friendly which means one less app to download.

InstaGC has over 350 digital gift card options, and Google Play Card credits are available in $5, $10, $15, and $25 denominations.

Additionally, while most shopping sites require you to have around a $25 balance so as to receive payments, on InstantGC, you can redeem earnings with only $1 in your account. You only need 500 points, which are equivalent to 5 dollars, to request cash rewards.

That said, users need to redeem $50 in gift cards before they become eligible for PayPal payments.

Join InstaGC for Free Today

12. Ibotta

Source: Ibotta

This is another leading cashback app that pays you for shopping. You earn for buying groceries, apparel, traveling, and shopping online.

When you sign in for Ibotta you can make up to $20 in welcome bonuses. The platform comes in the form of a free browser extension and a mobile app.

Ibotta makes it very clear on their website that they only deal with cash backs and coupons. Ibotta has paid $980M in cashback to date, with offers from hundreds of retailers, and well over 1000 participating outlets.

On top of the welcome bonus, Ibotta rewards you with $10 for each friend that you refer.

Sign Up for Your $20 Ibotta Bonus!

13. Join Costco

Unlike most get paid to apps, Join Costco membership isn’t free. You’ll pay a sum of $60 or $120 per year to enjoy their rewards.

To join as a member, you can choose to sign up online or visit their membership desk at select warehouses.

However, you get to recover your money, thanks to the massive price saving that Join Costco offers. Costco is known for selling shopping cards at a discount.

Join Costco for the Best Cashback Offers

14. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is all about super easy ways of making shopping fun. Get points from grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants with your purchases.

Earning points online has become even easier. Did you know that you can also link your email to Fetch Reward or Amazon and still earn points on e-receipts? Now you know.

From the Fetch Reward app, you can join a partner loyalty program and earn more rewards from the items you buy the most.

With a balance of $3, you can start redeeming your points for gift cards. If you wish to go for Google Play Credits, the e-cards are available for $10, $25, and $50.

Join Fetch Rewards here

Earn Google Credits by Buying Gift Cards

An easy way of earning Google Credits is by buying gift cards. Typically, such gift cards rarely expire, meaning that you can save up for more expensive apps without worrying about the time factor. 

15. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny/ Play Store

Based in Pennsylvania, Gift Card Granny is an online discount gift card retailer. The website allows you to either purchase or sells gift cards. And anytime you transact, you earn reward points or cash back that can be put towards buying another gift card. 

Even more, the credits earned from Gift Card Granny will never expire, which means you can save up as much as you want for a Google Play card.

What’s more, in case you lose your card, no one else can use it. The site is also available via iOS and Android apps.

Register for Gift Card Granny Offers

Apps To Get Free Google Play Credit

Some apps offer free Google Play Credit for online shopping while others reward you for trying new apps.

The bottom line is that it’s possible to only install apps that get you paid, in one way or another. You also have the option of trying out a legit free Google Play gift cards generator.

So, to upgrade or buy a premium app, start using the following apps for free Google Play Credits.

16. Feature Points

Do you want to make the most of using your referral links? Try the Feature Points reward program. This is one of the oldest online platforms for paid surveys.

Since 2012, they have rewarded users with over $5.8m in cashback offers and e-gift cards. Their app is available for iOS and Android devices. 

So, how do you join in this success that can see you earn 50,000 points from a single task? To get started, download the app, install it, and sign up for free.

Next, start making reward points via surveys, cash-backs, and downloading apps. For some of the apps, you may have to try them for a few minutes before the reward is credited.

Feature points also offer a chance to win a contest, where you get to scratch and make 50,000 points instantly. You routinely get paid 50% of what your referrals make so encourage your friends to sign up using your invite link.

More to this, you can redeem your points for Amazon, Xbox, PayPal, Playstation, Bitcoins, Google Play, and many more gift cards.

Download Feature Points and Start Earning Google Play Credits

17. AppNana

Source: AppNana

Basically, AppNana works in the same manner as Feature Points. You get points in exchange for using and downloading apps.

Also, you earn Nanas every time you download games and collect 400 Nanas each time you log in to your account. 

You can play games such as Candy Crush or download the Facebook app and still earn nanas. These are just some of the unique feature that encourages you to use AppNana for all of your mobile application needs.

Rewards come in the form of gift cards to Amazon, Xbox, Google Play, and iTunes marketplaces. AppNana is available for both Android and iOS users.

18. S’more

S’more is among the leading lock screen reward apps that allow you to net points for placing ads and content on your lock screen. Here, you just use your phone as you normally do and get paid.

The best part is that S’more offers more opportunities for earning by playing games and watching ads, among other great complete offers. 

How does S’more work? 

  • S’more will show you relevant content
  • Swipe up to dismiss the ads or click and watch
  • You earn regardless of the number of ads that appear or click on

By referring the app to friends and family, and they use it for more than 10 days, you earn 25 bonus points. You can redeem points for gift cards to retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, CVS, GameStop, and many more. Please note that the app is for use by customers in the United States only.

Additional sites and apps to get you Google Play Credits include:

Free Google Play Credits for Samsung 

Are you thinking of upgrading your Samsung phone? If that’s the case, this is another way of getting Google Play Credits.

The most recent offer stands at $50 in Google Play Movies and TV when registering a Samsung mobile phone. And this is not only for the smartphone market but also for other Samsung products like Samsung Chromebook.

With each new registration, you earn Google Play Credits.  Similar offers are available for Google Chromecast products.

Register your Samsung device for free Google Play credits now


As I started by explaining, it’s possible to fall for scams involving free Google Play Credits.

To help you differentiate genuine against fake offers here are some of the frequently asked questions involving not just the credits but also Google Play Codes.

1. How do I get $1 on Google Play?

There are many ways of getting a free $1 Google Play credit, or even more on Google Play.

Depending on what you prefer doing online all it takes is just a little bit of time and the right platform. You can share your opinions, play games, install apps, and refer friends to make money in return.

Apps to consider include Swagbucks, Feature Points, Mobile Expressions, and Ibotta.

2. How can I get free google play credits?

Looking to make a free $2 Google Play credit? It’s simple, just shop online through popular platforms like Fetch Rewards and Ibotta. You can also take paid surveys, watch videos, and play online games on similar sites for free credits.

Another way is to use referral programs where you get to earn free Google credits once your friend signs in and starts using these websites through your referral link. Typically, your earn points which you redeem for Google Play cards. 

3. How can I get free Google Play 140 credits?

It’s possible to make as many Google Play credits as you like depending on how long you have and the task you partake in.

For example, with sites like Swagbucks where the highest earners make $100 per month, you can make 100+ Google Play points just from playing games and watching videos.

There are also promotional codes that can net you 140 Google Play credits instantly.

4. Can you get free Google Play codes?

To get free Google Play money codes, you need to register a Google account and participate in rewards activities. Such tasks include shopping online and answering surveys.

From time to time, you will get offers for free promotion codes that you can redeem for real cash or use the points to shop for other products. You can also free invitation codes from links shared by your friends and family.

5. How can I get Google Play redeem code?

You can accumulate free Google Play credit redeem codes as rewards on apps such as Google Opinion Rewards for your online activities.

These points can later be exchanged for Google Play credits or other e-gift cards. Go for platforms such as Bananatic and Prize Rebel that routinely offer free Google Play codes to their users.

6. Is there a $5 Google Play Card?

$5 Google Play cards are also available across many websites and can be redeemed for cash towards buying apps and mobile games.

In some instances when gift cards aren’t on offer, you can redeem to Amazon gift cards in apps such as Mobile Expression. Even better, you can use a free $5 Google Play code to purchase movies and ebooks.

7. Is there a $10 Google Play Card?

$10 Google Play Cards are available across many get paid to test apps or websites. The cards can be used as gifts to friends for purchasing apps and games for their Android devices.

To redeem, you can visit the Google Play store or turn the reward into real money by selling the card on sites such as Gameflip. In some cases though, you may have to accumulate up to $25 or $50 in Google Play credits to get cash.

8. Can you turn Google Play credit into cash?

Google Play rewards can be redeemed for cash by transferring credits to a friend for cash. You can also sell your Google Play gift card for cash through sites such as Gameflip and eBay.

However, some sites will require you to have a certain amount in your account for you to request cash payments. It’s also worth noting that Google does not support such exchanges and as such, the company is not liable for any losses from such transactions.  

9. What can a scammer do with a Google Play Card?

A scammer with your Google Play Card can purchase items on Google Play Store. That said, they cannot use the card to pay taxes, concert tickets, bail money, or other items outside the offers on Play Store.

This also means that you should not be tempted to offer your card as payment for products not listed on Google Play Store.

The Takeaway

One way to ensure frugal living is by making the most of every activity you are involved in. And since you spend considerable time online, it makes sense that you should make money for zero investment when surfing, shopping, sharing referral links, and playing games online.

For your time online, you can get paid in several ways including Google Play credits that can be used to pay for items on Play Store. Other similar payment modes are in the form of Amazon, Paypal, iTunes, and eBay gift cards. 

Online giveaways are the new way of life, don’t be left behind- earn for everything you do! 

Are you already making free Google Play credits or you know of a reputable free Google Play credit generator? Share with us in the comments section.

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