90+ Non-Phone Work from Home jobs You Can Apply Today

If you’re in search of legitimate non-phone work from home jobs, that might suit your lifestyle or personality and which you might find interesting to try out, look no further. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered with a chunk of 100+ options that’ll make you jump on cloud nine with joy.

Almost 90% of these work from home jobs are based on phone communication. Most employees are not quite comfortable to work on the phone, especially, when you are a mom of a one year or two old kid or living in a locality with noisy neighbors or a person who hates to talk on the phone. Working on the phone continuously for long hours is certainly troublesome.

Legitimate Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs for Introverts

If you’re fed up of attending an endless stream of phone calls and following up with customers every hour of the day? Take time to read the post till the end, identify the jobs that offer the best comfort and finally choose the one that suits your space and skill set.

90 non-phone legitimate non-phone work from home jobs you can apply today to make money online

#1 Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs would surely be the first choice of work from home jobs not involving any phone conversations. These jobs are much comfortable and easiest opportunity to work from home. Basic computer knowledge with elementary hands-on experience with MS Excel and MS word is more than enough to work on data entry jobs. We are listing out genuine data entry jobs to make money online.

Amazon Mturk – a hub for micro-tasks which take lesser time than the general work from home jobs.

Cass Information System – Contains location-based position where you are allowed to enter and verify the data. If the position is open, then you’ll get the work under the data verification clerk. Onsite training is required to start this before from home.

Great American opportunities – This one is available only in the US. You will be paid .10 to .15 as per the completed form. You will be paid weekly by deposit.

Konsus – This site deals with lots of freelance and data entry positions.

  • Vindale Research - The biggest plus about Vindale Research is many of their surveys pay quite well. Each survey can pay you anywhere between .50 to $50. So, there is a good chance that you can earn good money from a single survey. The best part is that you get instant $2 FREE when you sign up for Vindale Research
  • Survey Junkie - Joining Survey Junkie is a no-brainer. Their surveys are short, easy, and you can pick and choose which surveys you want to take.  The site pays up to $45 per Survey and has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. Start earning now
Few more sites that require email confirmation on your end:
  • InboxDollars (US) orInboxPounds (UK) - Inbox Dollars makes it easy to earn money for taking polls, answering surveys (up to $35 per Survey), watching videos, reading emails, referring friends, playing games, shopping online, and lot more! Get a $5 sign-up bonus upon registration and successful activation. Join Now
  • Swagbucks - I only heard good things about Swagbucks. A friend of mine made $60.00 plus this month, easy  $5 - $6 a day watching funny videos on Swagbucks. I bet you'll love Swagbucks. Just like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks also pays a $5 sign-up bonus upon email confirmation. Sign Up here.

The Smart Crowd – is accessible worldwide, and you will be paid per piece. You can get paid via Dwolla.

Xerox – In their website, you can find column name stating work from home data entry on the career page to see the listings.

Sigtrack – offers data entry jobs that involve processing voters registration for various states. They will deduct you for incorrect entry of data.

Fiverr – A popular place where you can promote your data entry skills.

Flex jobs – The best place to find genuine data entry work from various companies.


#2 Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the creative jobs, for the people who love writing and have a passion for it. You need no particular years of experience for this job and no more hanging on phones like other jobs. Choose the best freelance writing job, get valuable writing experience and earn some bucks.

Blog Mutt – is accessible only for the US. You’ll get the pay range of 8$ to 72$ per post. Payment would be weekly through PayPal.

Boost Media – is open worldwide, and the rate of pay varies. You’ll get paid through PayPal.

Crowd content – is open only to US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The rate of pay ranges between 1.2 cents to 7.6 cents per word. You’ll be paid every second Friday through PayPal.

Copy Press – This is open only to USA, Canada, Australia, and Sri Lanka. You’ll be paid twice a month through PayPal or by direct deposit.

Need an Article – You’ll be paid 5$ to 12$ per article and paid weekly through Paypal.

Scripted – The payment for an assignment ranges from 10$ to 25$, and you’ll be paid weekly via PayPal.

Writer Access – This one is open only to the USA. The range of payment between 1.4 cents to 7 cents per word. You’ll be paid on a weekly basis if you opt for direct deposit. You’ll be paid twice a month if you opt for PayPal.

Skyword – Skyword is open worldwide. Few of their assignments pay well between 50$ to 100$. You’ll be paid only after the editors review your work.

SmartBrief – SmartBrief is open only to the US. You should summarise news stories for industry newsletters. You’ll receive payment around 14$ per hour.

Writer’s Domain – You can earn 15$ to 17.50$ per article. You’ll be paid monthly through Paypal or can be settled anytime once after crossing 100$ in your account.

Copify – Copify is the place where you can accept the tasks based on your feasibility. You’ll be paid 30$ per 500 words through Paypal.

#3 Transcription Jobs

As a transcriptionist, your job is to convert data or audio files from one language to another. This the most flexible work from home job, definitely a non-phone job, very much suitable especially for moms.

3 play media – 3 play media is accessible only in the US. You’ll be paid 10$ to 30$ monthly through direct deposit based on the project.

Appenscribe – You’ll be paid every two weeks through PayPal based on a total number of transcribed lines.

Crowdsurf – You’ll get paid for transcribing short audio file. Experience candidates are not mandatory for this.

Quicktate – You’ll get paid through PayPal between 0.0025 and 0.0050 per word.

Scribie – Scribie is open worldwide, and experience is not required. They pay you through PayPal, and it will be 10$ per audio hour.

Tigerfish – Tigerfish is only accessible in the US. You’ll get paid based on some transcribed lines.

TranscribeMe – TranscribeMe is open worldwide. You’ll get paid 20$ per audio hour based on the project. You’ll be paid weekly through PayPal.

Verilogue – You’ll get paid 2.80$ or more based on the audio. Verilouge is accessible in the US and other countries too.

Verbal Ink – They pay per audio hour, and the experienced candidates are preferred.

Transcribe.com – This one is accessible only in the US. You’ll be paid daily through PayPal based on the project, and it may vary.

Ubiqus – Ubiqus pay you for every two weeks based on the project. Experience candidates might be preferred but not required.

SpeakWrite – SpeakWrite is accessible only to US and Canada. You’ll be paid twice in a month through direct deposit or cheque,½ cent per the transcribed word.

Speech to Text Service – Speech to Text service job is open to newbies. You’ll be paid weekly with PayPal, and the pay would be $0.21 to $0.42 per audio minute.

Caset Associates – This organization hires worldwide, and you should be able to type at least 90wpm.

#4 Proofreading & Editing

With excellent knowledge of English grammar, spellings, and synonyms terms, you will surely succeed working as a proofreader and editor online. You need to find the errors in the given data, edit them and submit. There are great Opportunites to proofreaders online. Check out some below.

Cactus – Cactus offers specialized freelance editing work.

Scribendi – Scribendi is accessible in the US and few other countries. You’ll get paid via PayPal, and the pay will depend on the number of words and time duration.

Gramlee – In general, these have openings occasionally for proofreaders and editors.

Proofreading Pal – This organization hires only experts in the field of editing and proofreading.

Kibin – This organization doesn’t have work from home proofreading jobs every time, but you can get notified by filling out the form.

Book in a box – The hiring of the proofreaders will be less here but if once they hire, the employee will get paid a flat fee of $3000.

One Space – The organization comprises editing and proofreading and also other works like image tagging and website categorization etc.

Edit 911 – A doctorate is required to work here.

Enago – In general, this organization hires freelance editors, but you must have experience and education to qualify.

Kirkus Media – You will be hired for editing, reviewing the books and copywriters.

Proofread now – Hiring will be less, and they required a minimum of five years of proofreading experienced candidates.

Scrubber – The scrubber is open to US, UK, Australia, South Africa and Canada. You must be a native English speaker to qualify.

Sibia Proofreading – You must have extensive experience in proofreading.

SmartBrief – Hiring will be occasional, and one must have a minimum of 3 years of content writing experience to work as freelancers. You’ll get paid $15 per hour.

#5 Tutoring

If you are good at the specific subject and have an interest in teaching or tutoring, you can choose this job to teach people located at various geographical locations. Many companies pay you per hour or on a weekly basis without fail.

ETS – ETS is open mainly to the US and a few countries occasionally. You’ll be paid 10$ to 20$ per hour based on the project. You’ll be paid twice a month.

Measurement Inc – This job is open to the US, and you’ll get paid $11 per hour.

Pearson – Pearson is open to authorized people in the US. You’ll get paid 10$ per hour based on the project through direct deposit.

Brainmass – You’ll get paid for being an online tutoring assistant.

Elevate Learning – You must have prior experience in teaching, and you’ll get paid $9 to $11 per hour.

Enotes – You need to sign up as an educator and help students and teachers in the homework.

Chegg – Chegg is a flexible work from home tutoring, and you’ll be paid weekly through PayPal.

Limu – You’ll be paid for teaching any subject and get your portion of fees.

Math Elf – You’ll get paid for helping students to solve math questions. You must have prior experience in teaching to qualify.

Universal Class – You’ll need teaching certification and the four-year degree to qualify.

Quarasan – You’ll be hired as freelance editors and writers to create educational content.

Shmoop – You’ll be hired as home-based writers with a degree to create study material and test papers.

#6 Search Engine Evaluation 

As a search engine evaluation, you need to analyze the search engine results in the accuracy, find relevant keywords are used or not and make sure to see they are timely and without spamming. Here are some good search engine evaluation opportunities.

Appen – Appen is open worldwide, and you’ll be paid based on the job which you are doing in Appen. As a search engine evaluator in Appen, you can make $13 to $15 per hour, and you’ll get paid through the deposit.

Leapforce – Leapforce is open worldwide. You’ll be paid monthly through the deposit, and you can earn $13.50 per hour.

Isoftstone – You’ll get paid through PayPal, and you can earn $12 per hour.

Lionbridge – Lionbridge is open worldwide. You’ll be paid once a month through the deposit and can earn $13 per hour.

#7 Virtual Assistant

If you are good at working with administrative tasks of business or individuals, try to become a virtual assistant, by choosing a job below.

Contemporary VA – Contemporary is open worldwide, and you’ll be paid through mailed cheque and earn $12 per hour.

Fancy Hands – Fancy Hands is open only to the US. You can earn $2 to $10 depending on the tasks. You’ll be paid every other Tuesday through Dwolla.

Worldwide 101 – Worldwide 101 is accessible only for US and UK. You’ll be paid per month through the deposit and earn $15 and $ 20 per hour.

Red Butler – You’ll be hired a virtual assistant to work from home.

99 Dollar Social – You’ll be employed as remote Virtual Assistants to update social media accounts for their clients. You’ll be paid $12 per hour on an average.

Belay – This organization prefers only the candidates with a bachelor degree or at least five years of experience.

Equity – You’ll get employed as a Virtual Assistant with a bachelor’s degree. You’ll require a laptop and smartphone.

NS Virtual Services – NS Virtual Services is a Canadian organization which hires virtual assistants.

VA Sumo – This organization hires remote virtual assistants to help clients with different tasks including writing, graphic design, and transcription, and social media.

Virtual Gal Friday – This organization hires work from virtual home assistants

Vicky Virtual – Vicky Virtual is open only for the US. This organization hires virtual receptionist and pay will be $9.25 per hour.

Time Etc – Time Etc is open only for US and UK. You’ll be paid based on the prior experience and pay will range between $11 to $16 per hour.

Team Delegate – You’ll get hired as a virtual assistant for this company as an independent contractor. Your duties can be calendar management, travel arrangements, creating powerpoint presentations, taking meeting notes.

#8 Interpreters & Translators

Many companies hire translators who can help tasks related to meetings, calls, documents, and correspondence. If you can speak and write English well and have good command in other languages too, give a try to translator work from home jobs.

Gengo – Gengo is open worldwide. You’ll be paid twice a month through PayPal and earn 3 and 8 cents per translated word.

Verbal Ink – Verbal Ink is open only in the US. You’ll be paid based on the project.

Verilogue – You’ll be paid twice in a month through deposit or cheque, and you can earn $ 5.10 per a minute of audio.

Interpreters and Translators Inc – This company will hire interpreters and translators for different languages.

Language Line – This company frequently hires for work at home interpreters in various languages.

Andovar – You’ll get hired as freelance translators and editors based on the relevant experience.

MultiLingual Connections – This company hires home-based translators and interpreters.

Proz – Proz is the best resource to find home-based freelance translator jobs.

Verbalizeit – This company hires freelancers for interpretation, translation, and transcription. You’ll be paid every 15 days through PayPal.

World Lingo – This company hires freelance translators to work from home.

Paid Experts – Join this work from home job to advice various people about distinct topics and who are in need of technical information. If you have vast expertise in the particular field, you will be entirely suitable for these works and earn money online quickly. This is a non-phone job, as you offer advice via email or chat. Check out the websites below, who pay you for your expert talent

Ask Wonder – Ask Wonder is open worldwide. You’ll get paid for creating write-up using your research skills.

JustAnswer.com – This company hires experts in 75 different fields including subjects like computer hardware, medicine, etc. You can work at your possible time and need to prove your qualifications in the respective field.

Study Pool – You should sign up to help people by solving tricky questions. The problem-solving experts should bid for the problem, and then the customer selects an expert based on the different factors including reviews, qualifications, and price.

Yup Tutoring – You can work as a tutor on this site. These tutors help the students to come up with the solution on their own. Yup offers to tutor in three subjects like math, chemistry, and physics.
You’ll need to have required qualification and clear the test.

Tutor.com – You’ll need to sign up as a tutor and communicate with students through the advanced virtual classroom with a chalkboard and built-in chat functions; voice chat used in sessions.


I hope this huge list of websites, will serve your purpose. Wave a goodbye to troubles like handling on calls with noisy and crying babies or issues with dogs barking, and no long phone call sessions which disturb your daily routine.

Choose the best platform for the job, suiting your lifestyle, skill, and interest, to improve your earnings online.

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